Cross Fabrication

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It all started with a spark, just one tiny blue flame igniting a passion that grew into a mature and sustainable Enid, Oklahoma, business. Trampas Cross, owner of Cross Fabrication, a custom steel fabrication and welding company, has banked with CNB since 2009. A low interest rate business line of credit allowed him to access cash when necessary in his company’s infancy. Insufficient capital is the number two reason why businesses fail, second only to lack of experience. That being said, a business line of credit can be a life line for companies just getting started and can mean the difference between success and failure.

Failure quite simply wasn’t in Cross’s vocabulary. He grew Cross Fabrication from a garage-based part-time endeavor into a multi-faceted enterprise with four full-time employees. Cross did everything right in order to ensure the success and growth of his business including putting in the sweat equity that is so critical for small business owners. He created a business plan, sought out expertise in legal and accounting sectors, evaluated the benefits to being a sole proprietorship over a corporation, and hired the right people. He did all of that while working as a full-time fire fighter for the City of Enid.

In July, Cross Fabrication will move from its current 3,600 sq. ft. location on North Highway 81 to a 10,000 sq. ft. facility on 4th Street in Enid.

For more information about Cross Fabrication, call Trampas at 580-548-7660. For questions about a business line of credit from CNB, or another product to help grow your business, call Lawrence Yunker at 580-213-1643.