CD Account Registry Service

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cdarsIf you are looking for a safe and secure Certificate of Deposit investment for deposits exceeding FDIC insurance coverage, ask about CNB’s Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service (CDARS) CD.

CNB is proud to be one of 3,000 well capitalized CDARS network members allowing CNB the ability to offer FDIC-insured CDs up to $50 Million Dollars. When your investment is placed through the CDARS network, the network breaks your investment down in less than $250,000 amounts then invests it with well capitalized network member FDIC- insured financial institutions.

The maximum investment, per depositor, in each FDIC- insured financial institution is less than $250,000. With the CDARS CD, you will enjoy the peace of mind knowing you are earning a competitive rate, dealing with one bank, receiving one monthly statement and an annual tax statement. The CDARS program can be utilized by businesses as well as individuals. If this product meets your investment strategy, please contact a CNB representative at (580) 233-3535 to open your CDARS CD.