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trustsCNB offers a unique combination of stability, strength, service and security to give our trust customers confidence that we are here for them today and that we will be there for them tomorrow. We know the importance and value of long-term relationships and the peace of mind our customers enjoy in knowing that we will be there to take care of their business and to carry out their wishes. We recognize that our customers’ accounts are not only about investments – they are also about people. Our ability to serve as a trustworthy financial advisor and friend to help our customers meet their financial objectives is the key to our success.

CNB’s Financial Services Department offers both Personal Trust Services and Charitable or Private Foundation Trust Services.

One of the greatest values we have to offer is personal service and a sense of security and peace of mind knowing that your assets are being handled professionally and according to your instructions. As a customer, you enjoy further peace of mind knowing that we provide additional security through regular bank examinations, external and internal trust audits and bonding of all bank officers.


Each account is assigned to an officer to administer. The officer will establish a relationship with the account owner, grantor(s) and/or trust beneficiaries, as well as his or her attorney and accountant to insure that the grantor’s intentions and goals are met. Our officers will make themselves aware of the intimate details of the particular trust or investment account in order to best serve our customers. Customarily, there are at least two officers who are familiar with each account and who can assist the customer with any concerns.

The advantage CNB offers as a corporate trustee is that we treat trust administration as a full-time job; we have the sophistication and experience in dealing with investments; and we take a personal interest in our customers.  Further, we give our customers peace of mind knowing that their assets are protected and that we will execute their wishes as they have directed.

Below is a list of just a few of the items that our department can help you with:

  • Real estate management
  • Oil and Gas management
  • Manage a wide range of assets
  • Safe keep family heirlooms and securities
  • Pay bills such as insurance premiums, medical expenses, other care providers, utilities and taxes
  • Provide Medicare and Secondary Insurance Recovery
  • Carry out annual gifting plans
  • Assist with year-end tax planning
  • Assist with income tax return preparation